Christmas Trees: What's the Deal with Fibre Optic vs. Pre-Lit Options?

Christmas Trees: What's the Deal with Fibre Optic vs. Pre-Lit Options?

People tend to agree that Christmas tree lights are one of the most excellent decorating elements. The lights genuinely make a Christmas tree glow, not the tinsel, decorations, garland, or baubles.

There are several possibilities for decorating a Christmas tree with lights. Lights for Christmas trees come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and technologies; examples include the classic incandescent kind, battery-operated LEDs, and multicolored and icicle lights.

Artificial Trees And Lights

There are numerous varieties of artificial Christmas trees available if you've been looking. Pre-lit and fiber optic Christmas trees are two names you might have seen for fake trees. The difficulty lies in that it may be difficult to tell the two species of trees apart.

A Complete Guide To Christmas Tree Lighting

First, let's review how Christmas tree lights have developed throughout time. The original function of Christmas tree lights was to provide a bright light on the ornaments and garlands adorning the tree.

Candles, not electric lights, were traditionally used to illuminate the Christmas tree. By the turn of the twentieth century, many households had abandoned the use of candles in favor of the more convenient and portable string lights, which were popularized by Thomas Edison's electric light bulb.

What Does A Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Mean?

Choosing the best tree for your needs is much simpler once you know how pre-lit and fiber optic trees vary. Pre-lit Christmas trees are a fantastic alternative, and the LED lights that adorn their branches can be either cool white, warm white, or a rainbow of colors.

Various Kinds of Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

To save time and effort, you may get an artificial Christmas tree that already has its lights installed and hooked into the tree by opting for a "pre-lighted" tree. Lights can be purchased separately or pre-installed on these trees' limbs. It's easy to see why pre-lit Christmas trees are so popular.

What Exactly Is A Fiber Optic Christmas Tree?

Here's where the ambiguity might set in: some people classify a fiber optic tree as a variety of pre-lit Christmas trees, while others don't. It's understandable if the concept of fiber optics seems daunting at first.

To put it plainly, they employ a narrow tube to transport light from one end to the other. Of course, there's more to it than that, but at least you have an overview.

Comparison of Pre-Lit And Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Fiber optic Christmas trees are a form of the pre-lit tree since they already have lights or the capacity to add lights installed. Trees with fiber optics let the user achieve any desired lighting ambiance.

Since LED lights are used in the vast majority of fiber optic Christmas trees, they are far more cost-effective to run. There is a pricing range for pre-lit Christmas trees and those made of fiber optics. Both are likely to cost more than a plain, pixel tree over the holiday season.


Now that we've covered the benefits and drawbacks of each kind and explained how they function, it all comes down to personal preference. If you're not tied to tradition and want to try new things, fiber optic Christmas trees may be more your speed. However, a pre-lit tree is a way to go if you want a classic Christmas tree that looks just like a real thing.